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We take care of our clients... we really do.

MG Peterson's firm is a breath of fresh air. Nobody likes dealing with the financial side of their lives whether it is personal or business. MG and his staff treat me like one of the family and act like they really care about my situation. I had been with anohter firm in the past and I just felt like a number when they were busy and then when they weren't i became another number... "a billable hour." MG has always been so fair and attetive to my needs... I would be way ahead right now if I had found him years ago.
          - Business Owner, Mesa Arizona

When I started my little side business, my husband told me that he wanted me to do it all on my own. I was terrified, he had always taken care of the money matters in the past. I drug my feet for weeks before calling his accountant, MG Peterson. I was so pleasantly surprised at how my first meeting went. MG was so nice to me and took the time to help me understand what I needed to pay attention to in order to make my venture profitable. It was great! ... and I am not scared of accountants anymore :)
          - Home-Based Business Owner, Chandler Arizona

There is nothing in this world I hate more than taxes! but... no matter how hard I wish, they keep coming around every year. For 14 years I did my own taxes trying to save money. I didn't think there was anything an accountant or professional tax preparer could do for me. After starting my own business, taxes began to be more thatn I could handle on my own... so I gave up and scheduled my first appointment with MG Peterson, who was referred to me by a good friend.

I was so nervous to turn my financial life over to someone else after all these years. The meeting went great! I was so relieved and learned so much in just a two hour conversation with MG. By the end of the meeting, I didn't know whether to smile or cry when I learned how much I had been over-paying my taxes for the last several years. I wouldn't think of doing this on my own again... that was the best tow hours my finances ever spent!
          - Business Owner, Phoenix Arizona

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We take care of our clients... we really do.

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